Accessibility systems for public transport

semiautomatic MICRO lift

The EVO platform is semi-automatic, that is, the handrails and the bridge are lifted and stored manually. Precision installation and high-quality components don´t generate noise when stored. The control is easy to use with a 2-button keypad. The platform is connected to the vehicle by a PLC control unit that allows the platform to be configured with different operating modes and to connect an LCD screen to diagnose faults easily.

La Micro puede montarse en los peldaños de la puerta de acceso del autobús, ya que salva estribos de 370 mm de fondo y alturas de piso hasta 1800 mm.

Igualmente puede montarse en la bodega lateral o trasera del vehículo o sobre el paso de ruedas.


  • Lifting capacity 300 Kg
  • Own weight of the platform: between 225 and 290 Kg depending on the model.
  • Anti-slip aluminum plate of 1450 mm depth x 800 mm width.
  • Lifting height up to 1800 mm.
  • Save steps up to 370 mm.
  • Operation by electro-hydraulic group at 12 or 24 volts
  • Actuation by means of an electric push-button panel with two buttons
  • Manual operation of quick and easy emergency.

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