Accessibility systems for public transport

Electric Ramp EWR

Electric cassette ramp located under the bus floor. Easy operation in manual mode and with high capacity of programming changes.

This ramp is suitable for low-floor buses. It is installed under the floor in the passenger door. When the ramp extends fully to the final position, it automatically rises mechanically to eliminate the unevenness.

The EWR ramp is conceived with a very simple system of manufacture and operation in order to reduce to the maximum, both the initial cost of the same, as the possible causes of breakdown and therefore the costs of post sale.

The EWR ramp meets with all the requirements of the regulations in force regarding safety; tip sensitivity, tread sensitivity, etc., and its electronics allows an interconnection with the scheduled bus to perform all the necessary functions.

A great advantage over other ramps is that in case of power failure the EWR ramp can also be used simply as a manual ramp, avoiding the immobilization of the vehicle and allowing the access of the disable person.


  • Ramp measurements: 1065mm long x 1008mm wide
  • Lifting capacity: 350kg
  • Own weight: 45kg
  • Sensitive edge and point load sensor
  • Ability to change operating modes

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