Accessibility systems for public transport

Automatic platform GOBEL

The HIDRAL GOBEL platforms are born to meet the needs of the main bodybuilders with whom we work and with whom we have collaborated closely to obtain an optimal final product. Thus we can find different fully automatic or semi-automatic models.

It is a fully automatic retractable platform, with lifting capacity of more than 300 kgs, which only two buttons, it makes all the movements of exit and entry into the cassette. Up and down to the bus floor and the ground, opening and closing of the handrails and folding and unfolding of the entrance and exit flaps of the wheelchair to the platform.

It is a platform designed to allow access to buses for people with reduced mobility, maximizing safety and easy handling both in normal operating conditions and in emergency conditions.

Mounting options

Bajo piso
  • Altura de elevación hasta 1.800 mm.
  • Dimensiones de la caja 2250x1020x220mm
Puerta delantera

Elevación hasta 1,600 mm.

Dimensiones de la caja 1900x1010x180mm

Peldaños de poca altura
  • Altura de elevación hasta 1.300 mm.
  • Dimensiones de la caja 1900x1038x140mm
Parte baja maletero
  • Altura de elevación hasta 1.650mm.
  • Dimensiones de la caja 2200x1010x180mm
En peldaños
  • Altura de elevación hasta 1600mm
  • Dimensiones de la caja 1900x1010x180mm


  • Compact, very stable and with smooth and silent movements.
  • Lifting capacity 300 kg.
  • Two safety handrails
  • Provided with security and awareness systems
  • Interlock on the inside of the cassette (by automatic latch)
  • Interconnected with the bus, it complies with all current regulations (Machinery Directive, CE Standards, Annex VII of Directive 2001/85 CE, etc).
  • Manual emergency pump

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